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Prepare to experience unparalleled luxury and undisturbed sleep with our 7' and 9' ZenMagnetique SpringEase Mattress. customized with precision, this mattress has remarkable manufacturing featuring 110mm pocket springs, felt padding, 1' HR foam, and a magnificently quilted top. It's your ticket to a peaceful night's sleep like no other.

Key Features:

1. Pocket Spring Bliss: The "Switch Off" 7' and 9' ZenMagnetique SpringEase Mattress incorporates 110mm pocket springs, providing individualized support. This means minimal motion transfer, ensuring that you and your partner can sleep soundly without disturbances

2. Sturdy yet Bouncy: Beneath the pocket spring layer, you'll find felt padding and 1' HR foam, adding extra cushioning and support. The quilted top further enhances the overall comfort, making it a true luxury mattress.

*Note: Product availability may vary by size and region. Please check with your local retailers for specific size availability.*

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