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Say Goodbye to Pain,
Say Hello to Comfort!

Pain Relief: Magnetic properties in the mattress are believed to help reduce joint, back, and muscle pain, while the cotton component provides a comfortable and supportive sleep surface.

Time-Tested Comfort: Cotton mattresses have stood the test of time in Indian culture, providing warmth in winters and a cool, breathable surface in extremely hot summers. This long-standing tradition highlights the enduring comfort of cotton.

Improved Sleep Quality: Users often report better sleep quality on magnetic cotton mattresses, with the magnets possibly helping to relax muscles and reduce stress, while the cotton offers breathability and comfort for a good night's sleep.

Increased Energy: Some claim higher daytime energy levels and reduced fatigue from sleeping on a mattress that combines the benefits of magnets and cotton.

Enhanced Circulation: Magnetic fields in the mattress are said to enhance overall health by promoting better blood circulation, while the cotton component contributes to a cozy sleep environment.

Balanced Electromagnetic Fields: It has been said that exposure to natural magnetic fields can help balance the body's electromagnetic fields, potentially offering various health benefits, and the cotton component adds to the overall comfort of the mattress.

Non-Invasive Therapy: Magnetic therapy through mattresses is non-invasive and convenient, requiring no medications or external devices, and the cotton material provides a natural and soothing sleeping surface.

The Mattress you choose is important

You spend 1/3rd of your life on a mattress. Our magnetic cotton mattress isn't just where you sleep; it's where you take care of your health. Experience better sleep, relief from aches and pains, and feel rejuvenated. It's your path to a healthier life in the long run!”

Advanced Foam Technology

While many other companies use springy foam that may compromise on durability and support, Switch Off mattresses are manufactured with high-quality, long-lasting foam materials that ensure value for money.

Pure Organic Cotton Comfort

Switch Off is the only mattress company in India that exclusively utilizes pure organic cotton in our mattresses, providing natural comfort and breathability for a restful sleep.

Magnetic Mattress Innovation

Switch off leads the industry with magnetic mattresses featuring larger, strategically placed magnets that are well stitched into the mattress, a unique offering not found elsewhere in India.

Organic Cotton Fabric

Our mattress fabrics are composed of 50% organic cotton, setting us apart from competitors who often use synthetic polyester fabric.

India's first choice for Hand-made Cotton Magnetic Mattresses

Backed by the satisfaction of over 2,00,000+ happy customers, Introducing a groundbreaking mattress, the first of its kind in India, which seamlessly blends the benefits of magnets, the comfort of cotton, and the support of foam to provide an exceptional night's rest.


Experience the Versatility of Our Magnetic Mattress

Improve your sleep experience to new heights with our 6' and 8' Foam Mattress. Designed for those who seek superior comfort and support, this mattress features a remarkable combination of 6' HR foam and 1/1.5' open cell foam. It's the perfect blend of softness and bounce, ensuring a night of blissful sleep.

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Discover a whole new level of comfort and support with our 6' and 8' Bonded Foam Mattress. Crafted with precision, this mattress features a unique composition of 4' Bonded foam and 1/1.5' HR foam memory base bonded, ensuring it's not just another hard mattress. It strikes the perfect balance between firmness and bounce, all while maintaining its shape and structure over time.

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Prepare to experience unparalleled luxury and undisturbed sleep with our 6' and 8' Pocket Spring magnetic mattress. customized with precision, this mattress has remarkable manufacturing featuring 110mm pocket springs, felt padding, 1' HR foam, and a magnificently quilted top. It's your ticket to a peaceful night's sleep like no other

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This is the first time I ordered in TheSwitchOff mattress, i feel little bit confusion why i ordered in new brand And why I didn’t try with already available brands in market (because of quality and durability) once check the all reviews then I decided to buy this mattress.

Vimal Kumar

Awesome deal at this price. Quality is better. Reasonable price, Size is perfect. First, check measurements of bed and order accordingly. Very comfortable for sleep.. Please don't think twice... Just go for it. If you need it.

Manoj Satija

Very soft on one side like spring mattress so may not be good for people with back pain.other side is little less softer but feels comfortable for sleeping. It is not like normal mattress so some find it comfortable and other may find it extra soft.

Yogesh Thakur

It has been a great experience with TheSwitchOff Mattress! Definitely recommend. All my friends who come home and sleep on it ask me which company it is and have been very happy with it too!
Great quality at a great price!

Sriram Muramalla