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Experience ultimate comfort and restful sleep like never before with our "Switch Off" 6' and 8' MagneSens FoamFlow Mattress. Designed to perfection, this mattress is an ideal combination of 4' High Resilience foam and 1/1.5' open cell foam - to provide you with a soft and bouncy surface that will leave you feeling rejuvenated every morning.

Key Features:

1. Dual-Layer Comfort: This mattress features a dual-layer design that includes high-resilience (HR) foam and open-cell foam. The 4' HR foam provides sturdy support, while the 1/1.5' open cell foam adds a luxury, cozy comfort layer.

2. Soft and Bouncy: This Magnetic mattress is engineered to offer the perfect balance between softness and bounce, ensuring you get a comfortable night's sleep without sacrificing support.

*Note: Product availability may vary by size and region. Please check with your local retailers for specific size availability.*

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