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Benefits of Foam Cotton Mattress

• Foam cotton mattress is the intermediate spongy mattress.
• It is the composition of Foam mattress & cotton mattress.
• High resilience foam is used as the base layer in this mattress which adds slight bounciness to the mattress.

Benefits of Bonded Cotton mattress

• The bonded cotton mattress is the hardest Ortho Mattress.
• It is the combination of Bonded Mattress and cotton mattress Bonded Foam is made of polyurethane foam& prevents from sagging of the mattress.

Benefits of Pocket Spring Cotton Mattress

• Pocket spring cotton mattress is the smoothest mattress we manufacture.
• It is bouncy which will not distract you when another object gets off the mattress.
• It is also called as No disturbance Mattress

Is Magnetic Mattress good for you?

• It can be help for improved blood circulation and capillary circulation.
• Another plus to sleeping on a magnetic mattress is that you get better sleep!!!

Who should not use magnetic mattress?

• Patients with cardiac pacemakers and pregnant women should also avoid use of magnetic mattress.

What are the side effects of magnet mattress?

• Magnet mattress is relatively safe.
• Some patients may experience dizziness, low energy, palpitation, nausea, and vomiting.
• Side effects can include a decrease in blood pressure, or local skin areas can become itchy, burning, and painful; however, side effects only happen in very small Percentage of Cases.

How our mattresses are different from another mattress?

• Our mattresses are the fusion of modern technology & traditional technique.
• The traditional technique consists of cotton mattresses and modern techniques consist of Foam & Spring types of mattresses.
• Cotton has the benefits of sinking the moisture of the body.
• Other Materials consist of long life to sustain and gives support to the spinal cord.
• Our cotton mattress is developed uniquely hence don’t start losing shape immediately after usage.

Can you expedite shipping? Do you have expedited shipping options?

• We usually process the orders in a first come first served basis to ensure that we treat all customers equally.

Why is my order status not being updated?

• We do not update the order status until your Switch Off mattress has shipped.
• Once the product has been shipped from our factory, you will receive an email with the shipping details.
• If you have not received an update in a week, let us know on call at 9011084747
• Our customer care team will be happy to assist you further.

How much does shipping cost?

• So it is free for most pin codes. For a few remote or interior parts of India that are not well connected and fall outside the standard delivery network, we may charge a small shipping fee. You will be able to clearly see the shipping fee, if any, on the order confirmation page.

What is the duration for placing the return request?

• If the return request is initiated within the 100-day trial, the full amount will be refunded to you. If you face any challenge after the trial period, please check out our FAQs and Warranty section to understand the next steps.

How much of money is refunded on return of the mattress in trial period?

• If you return the mattress within the 100-day trial period without any damage, staining or tearing, as per our conditions, you will receive 100% of the money back.

What documents should I keep handy for returning the mattress?

• Please keep a copy of the invoice ready with you while returning the mattress. You’ll need to submit the receipt to the pick-up agent to initiate the return.

My trial period has ended. Can I still return the product?

• Sorry, once the trial period is over, you cannot return the mattress. After the 100-day trial period, it can only be returned if it meets any of the warranty claim guidelines, as provided in the FAQ section.

How to proceed if I receive a damaged product?

• At Switch Off, we try and ensure the quality and safety of all products shipped. But still, if you have received a damaged product by any chance, Contact Us and we’ll arrange a replacement for you.

When will my Switch Off mattress order ship?

• We process and ship within 3 business days of your order
Once we’ve received the order, we process and ship your product within 3 business days. For orders that are completed after 11 AM IST on a given day, the processing begins the following business day.
• Please note that if you have purchased more than one product, they might be shipped separately and may not arrive on the same day.

How does the refund process occur?

• Refunds will be made to the customer bank account details provided on Contact us, within 15 working days of receiving the refund request

Does Switch Off mattress have an odor of chemicals?

• As Switch Off mattresses consist of natural odor of cotton.
• At the initial bases, there will be chemical odor of solution used for
• Pasting which will vanish after usage.

Do you offer COD?

• Sadly no. We do not offer COD, but rest assured, all our online payment modes are quick, easy and hassle-free!

How can I safely clean a Switch Off mattress?

• The safest way to clean a Switch mattress is to get professional deep cleaning done twice a year.
• However, to maintain the hygiene and durability of the mattress we highly recommend using a mattress protector.
• It will protect the mattress from any kind of spills, stains, bed wetting and moisture seepage. It will also protect your mattress from dust mites, allergens and bacteria.

Difference between four types of mattresses?

• Foam & Cotton Mattress
Foam cotton mattress is moderate smooth mattress with long lasting quality. It Consists benefits of high resilience foam and cotton.
• Rebounded and Cotton mattress
Bonded cotton mattress is the orthopaedic mattress. It is quite hard & is one of the finest orthopaedic mattresses we make.
• Pocket Spring Cotton Mattress
Pocket Spring Cotton Mattress gives soft and bouncy pleasure with no disturbance benefit.

Referral discount

• The referral discount on next order to our old customer is 3%.
• It is considered only if a new customer refers to the old client’s customer number while placing an order.

What is the Life of the Switch Off mattress?

• Life of our mattresses is everlasting.
• Life varies according to the type of mattress.
• It also depends on the usage of the customer.

Difference between E-commerce site & Website for buying a product

• The delivery time required by the E-commerce website to ship the Order is more.
• If a purchase when done through our website customer gets 100 days trial offer and delivery is done faster.

Does migration of Customers affect the returns of order in 100 days trial offer?

• If a customer migrates to another address then the mattress will not be accepted in 100 days trial offer.

Emergency delivery

• For the emergency delivery of an order, the product price of the order will increase by 30% and the product will be shipped through air transport.


NPCF PVT LTD. Switch off Mattresses is warrantied against any manufacturing defect for a period mentioned on the product page. In case of any manufacturing defect within 1 year of purchase, the mattress will be repaired or replaced with an identical product. In case of any manufacturing defect after the first year, either a repair or in case if a repair is not possible a Prorated Credit Settlement will be applicable. Please refer Warranty Policy for further information.
• Warranty will be available only in case of product failure due to manufacturing defect.
• Warranty will be available only under the proper use of the product.
• Only the customer who originally bought the mattress and has the invoice in his/her name is eligible for the warranty claim
• Warranty does not cover user inflicted damages, damages caused to the mattress due to infestation of insects, bugs, and rodents and damage due to any natural calamities
• All roll-packed mattresses may take up to 72 hours to regain their original size with +/- 12mm deviation in length, width & height
• The warranty does not extend to general wear and tear of the cover over its period of use.
• The final decision of the warranty will be made by NPCF PVT LTD.

Does accessories warranty is provided

• No, we do not provide any kind of warranty regarding accessories.

Not applicable warranty conditions?

• If mattress is folded by the customer in any condition than the warranty will not get applicable hence the mattress is not accepted for returns.